Jake Davison : Family, Parents, Plymouth Shooting , Investigation and More

Jake Davison is a suspected of killing five people in a mass shooting in Plymouth has been named locally know all about him in this article as like his Family, Parents, Plymouth Shooting , Investigation and More

Jake Davison : Family, Parents, Plymouth Shooting , Investigation and More
Jake Davison

Who is Jake Davison

Jake Davison is reported to be an apprentice crane operator.A man suspected of killing five people in a mass shooting in Plymouth has been named locally as 22-year old Jake Davison.Davison appeared to post on a YouTube account under the name Professor Waffle just weeks before the massacre about how he was “beaten down” and “defeated by life”.

In an 11-minute video, the last posted before Thursday’s incident, he refers to difficulties meeting women and struggling to lose weight, as well as saying that, after working in scaffolding when he was younger, he was “never … the same again” after injuring his ankle.

He said: “I just don’t have any willpower to do anything anymore”, later adding that he was so “beaten down and defeated by life”.Davison said he was “still in the same house, same situation, same position” and talked about wanting to regain the “drive and motivation” he once had.

Plymouth shooting Incident and Invistigation

Devon and Cornwall Police Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer said the girl was shot dead by 22-year-old Jake Davison, while two people remain in hospital with "significant injuries".Speaking at a press conference, he said there were a "considerable" number of phone calls to emergency services and that police arrived at the scene on Biddick Drive in Keyham within six minutes.

He said the first woman Davison killed was "known to him" at an address on Biddick Drive, adding he believed there was a "familial relationship".Police are investigating whether the pair were related but refused to confirm either way.It's not clear whether the suspect knew the rest of the victims, but Chief Constable Sawyer said Davison "knew people on that street".

"We believe we have an incident that is domestic-related and has spilled out into the street and seen several people within Plymouth losing their lives in an extraordinarily tragic circumstance," he said.Chief Constable Sawyer said Davison had a firearms licence in 2020 and there was "no motive" at present, and that witnesses described the weapon as a pump action shotgun - which was recovered from the scene."Multiple shots have been fired from a firearm during that six-minute-or-so period," he continued.

"There are some 13 scenes and potentially more scenes. There are therefore five people of Plymouth who have lost their lives overnight - and Mr Davison himself - including a particularly young child."Davison turned the gun on himself before officers were able to engage with him, the Chief Constable said.

He added that the victims' identities would be made public at a later time.Police also confirmed a woman, the girl and two men were found dead at the scene in Keyham on Thursday evening - along with Davison who is believed to be the suspected offender.

All of the victims died from gunshot wounds.Another woman who was treated at the scene, also for gunshot wounds, died later in hospital.Police named the suspected gunman as Davison earlier today, who Constable Sawyer said killed the others before turning his weapon on himself.

In videos shared online just weeks before the massacre, he spoke of being "beaten down" and "defeated by life".Davison, who posted on a YouTube channel under the name Professor Waffle, said he did not have "any willpower to do anything anymore" in a recording dated 28 July.

In several clips, he referred to the "incels" - an abbreviation online for "involutory celibacy", the online subculture that involves men who are unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one, often expressing hostility and extreme resentment towards those who are sexually active, particularly women.Although saying he did not "clarify" himself as an "incel", Davison talked about "people similar to me have had nothing but themselves".Chief Constable Sawyer said police are "not considering terrorism or a relationship with any far-right group or any such other group" but will be investigating his computer hard drive.

Neighbours reported hearing very loud gunshots and some members of the public told Sky News it sounded like a bomb was going off.Forensic experts have been pictured carrying out investigations at the crime scene on Friday morning. They have been doing fingertip searches, bagging up evidence and taking pictures.