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Anna and Josh Duggar were married in 2008 at Buford Grove Baptist Church in Hillard, Florida.Anna assisted Josh in running his used car lot.On April 13, 2009, Josh and Anna Duggar announced that they were expecting their first child.

Anna Renee Keller was born on  1988, to oldsters Mike and Suzette Keller. She was the couple’s fifth child, and that they went on to possess three more children after Anna. The Kellers raised their children with strict rules, and had weekly 15-minute meetings scheduled for every individual child to speak together with his or her parents.

Anna was said to be especially on the brink of her younger sister, Susanna, as a toddler . In 1996, Mike left his job to minister full-time to inmates, and as Anna grew up she often went with him to figure with incarcerated young women. along side her siblings, Anna was homeschooled, and completed highschool at the age of sixteen. After highschool , Anna enrolled in a web Christian college program from which she received a degree in early child education.

Anna and Josh Duggar

Anna met Josh Duggar at a homeschooling convention in 2006. Reportedly, thanks to the Kellers’ strict rules regarding feelings, Anna wasn’t allowed to debate her feelings for Josh together with her siblings, but discussed them together with her mother. Shortly after meeting, the 2 entered a courtship.

Their courtship rules were discussed on the 17 Kids and Counting episode “Duggar Dating Rules”, and included no physical contact until engagement and no time alone as a few until marriage. Anna had stated that she didn’t want to be engaged before her twentieth birthday, therefore Josh waited until then to purpose. He flew right down to Florida to surprise her, exposure to Gator Landing in East Palatka where she was having dinner together with her parents, Mike and Suzette Keller.

Anna Duggar Marriage

On September 26, 2008, Anna and Josh were married at Buford Grove Baptist Church in Hillard, Florida. They shared their first kiss during the marriage , and vowed to go away the amount of youngsters they might have “up to God”.The couple moved back to Josh’s hometown of Springdale, Arkansas, where Anna assisted Josh in running his used car lot.On April 13, 2009, Josh and Anna Duggar announced that they were expecting their first child.

On June 15, 2009, they appeared on the Today Show, where they learned that the kid would be a woman .On July 31, 2009, they announced that she would be named Mackynzie Renee.On October 8, 2009, Mackynzie Renee Duggar was born within the couple’s home.On Veterans’ Day , 2010, Josh and Anna announced that they were expecting their second child, who was due June 19, 2011.On March 14, 2011, Josh and Anna announced that they were expecting a boy.On June 15, 2011, Michael James Duggar was born in his parents’ home. He weighed 8 pounds and 5 ounces.

Move to Maryland

On June 14, 2013, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC), announced that he had hired Josh Duggar as an executive of the lobbying arm FRC Action.Because of this new job, Anna, along side husband Josh and their three children, moved to Oxon Hill, Maryland. The family lived there until 2015, when Josh lost his job after Josh was revealed to possess inappropriately touched his sisters while an adolescent .

They were spotted moving back to Arkansas, where Anna and her children temporarily lived with Josh’s parents. In August of 2015, a second scandal broke within the wake of the Ashley Madison hack, this one about Josh cheating on Anna. Josh was enrolled during a program for his sex addiction for a six month period before returning to his family.

Controvercy and Scandals

In November of 2015, after the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting, TLC began airing a spin-off show, Jill and Jessa: relying on . The series’ initial episodes dealt heavily with the fallout from Josh Duggar’s scandals of the previous year, and included interviews with Anna Duggar. within the interview, Anna mentioned her husband’s infidelity as a “betrayal” saying: ““It was definitely a tough thing. i feel it’s such a betrayal for a spouse to travel through what we’re walking through,” she said.

“It was hard to understand that it had been such a public thing, and so, not only was it a betrayal against me, but it had been also a betrayal for those that call themselves Christian, because here we were as a Christian couple and everybody was ready to see us marry and to vow before God to be loyal to every other. which loyalty was broken.”

Anna Duggar Josh Duggar Divorced

Just days before Josh Duggar was arrested on Child  porn charges, his wife, Anna Duggar, announced to the planet that she’s pregnant with their seventh child.

She later defended her husband of 12 years, telling critics he’s a “diligent worker” after questions on the couple’s finances were raised. On April 29, U.S. Marshals would assist within the arrest of Josh, 33, who has since pleaded acquitted to charges of receiving and possessing kiddie porn .Sources tell Fox News that while Josh’s latest criminal development must be “sad” for Anna, 32, she should have ended her marriage to the disgraced TLC star years ago.”Anna should have divorced Josh after he admitted to cheating,” said the source, who also recalled his past confession of infidelity in 2015, an equivalent year his molestation scandal came to light.

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