Charlie Aitken ( AIM Funds ) Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Wiki

Charlie Aitken Family
Charlie Aitken Family

Charlie Aitken is the founder and CIO of Aitken Investment Management know all about him in this article as like his Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Age and Career ( Charlie Aitken Wikipedia ).

Charlie Aitken ( AIM Funds ) Family

Charlie Aitken is the founder and CIO of Aitken Investment Management. He has spent 28 years working in equity markets and has seen many market cycles. He and his team focus on a strategy of investing in high-quality cash-generative businesses to grow wealth for investors.

Charlie Aitken Net Worth

Charlie Aitken is the founder and CIO of Aitken Investment Management has an estimated Net Worth around $25 Miliion – $50 Million in 2021.

Charlie Aitken’s breakup with wife Ellie will Separation

It’s not just the gossip-hungry who have been devouring every bit of news about marriage bust-ups among Sydney’s fund manager set – or, at least, it shouldn’t be.For while many may be reading the details of the dissolution of the marital bonds between fund manager Charlie Aitken and his wife, Ellie, with an eye to the details (Charlie has hooked up with his business partner’s wife, Hollie Nasser, who was Ellie’s best friend) investors who have put their money with Aitken Investment Management have a financial interest, not just a prurient one, in the unfolding drama.

For the same reason, investors in Magellan Financial Group and the funds it manages should also be paying attention to the much less high-profile separation between the group’s billionaire co-founder and chief investment officer, Hamish Douglass, and his wife, Alexandra.This is because fund manager divorce can be a wealth hazard not only for the executive in question, but for the investors who trust them to earn their keep by outperforming the market, at least according to one 2016 study published in the Journal of Financial Economics.

Charlie Aitken and Girlfriend Hollie Nasser

High-flying banker Charlie Aitken and his new girlfriend Hollie Nasser are putting on a united front against the scandal that has gripped Sydney’s elite. The loved-up couple were spotted kissing in the middle of the road before jumping into Mr Aitken’s white Mercedes in Sydney’s east on Monday morning. Mr Aitken held open the passenger side door for Ms Nasser, who was beaming as she crossed the street and stepped into the car.The public display of affection comes as Ms Nasser rubbished claims she was looking to ‘capitalise’ on her newfound fame by launching a new business venture.The 36-year-old told Daily Mail Australia rumours she was preparing to launch a fashion label were wildly inaccurate.

Professional Career

Charlie Aitken career began on the open outcry floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange, he then went on to hold positions as Director and Head of Sydney Sales Trading at Citigroup, Executive Director and Partner of Southern Cross Equities and Executive Director and Board Member of the ASX listed Bell Financial Group. He was the author of the widely followed stock market newsletters “Ringing the Bell” and “Under the Southern Cross”.

He founded AIM in 2015. AIM is a global equity investment manager with a single focus: to sustainably compound wealth over time. We pursue this goal by following a quality-focused investment strategy; we buy high quality, global businesses that will deliver sustainable growth for years to come.

Charlie Aitken Investment Strategies

AIM is a global equity investment manager with a singular focus: to sustainably compound wealth over time.

The AIM GHCF employs a quality investment strategy that focuses on buying only the best businesses when the market prices them like average businesses. The compounding ability of these quality businesses lies at the heart of our approach to growing our investors’ wealth We are committed to putting investors first, we will produce measurable results, provide clear and consistent communication and always be accessible.

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