Eliz Marie Santiago ( Felix Verdejo wife ): Profession, Net Worth , Family , Age and More

Eliz Marie Santiago Sierra wife of boxer Felix Verdejo is a Puerto Rican Instagram influencer and model. She has 25.4k followers on instagram.

Full Name Eliz Marie Santiago
Date of Birth/Age 27 year
Birth Place Puerto Rica
Nick Name NA
Nationality Puerto Rican
Marital Status Married
Husband Félix Verdejo Sánchez
Children 1,daughter named Miranda
Profession Boxer
Net Worth $300k-$500 USD

Eliz Marie Santiago Sierra is a Puerto Rican Instagram influencer and model. She has 25.4k followers on instagram. She Describe herself as a fashion and lifestyle influencer.quite by her Instagram, she was known to be the spouse of an acclaimed fighter.

Eliz Marie was Born on 30 december 1997.She is four year younger then her husband Félix Verdejo Sánchez.Eliz Marie Santiago is that the spouse of the celebrated Puerto Rican fighter Felix Verdejo. There isn’t tons of knowledge with reference to how long they need been together or once they got hitched.

The couple have a girl named Miranda, who is just around two years of now. that they had an honest relationship, however their issues are being found within the media as lately .

According to Verdejo’s Instagram posts, the former boxer has been married for 8 years to beauty and lifestyle influencer Eliz Marie Santiago Sierra. Even though the boxer never opened up much about his relationship with his wife and their daughter Miranda, his social media is filled with pictures with his daughter and some with his wife.

In December, 2019, he wrote, “Spending Christmas with my family had to be for FACETIME, everything is for a purpose and reborn again in boxing, it is already 7 years that God has given us on earth together, there are already 2 with a beautiful daughter named MIRANDA which It has changed the lives of both of us that you have a happy anniversary # 7 is just the beginning,on his instagram account.

Verdejo and Keishla Rodriguez

Rodriguez was first declared missing on April 29, when her sister took to social media to reveal her last steps and absence from her job. It was learned at that time that she made contact with Verdejo and was on her way to meet the boxer to reveal to him the results of a positive pregnancy test.

Puerto Rico officials issued an Alerta Rosa (Pink Alert), utilized in the case of missing women believed to be the victim of gender-based hate crimes. It remained in effect through May 1, when authorities changed the status of the mission from rescue to recovery. Rodriguez’s lifeless body was discovered in Laguna San Jose, roughly 20 miles from where she and Verdejo last met.

Verdejo initially refused to cooperate with local authorities, not answering any questions on the evening in question and again even when amid attorneys during a visit to Cuerpo de Investigacion Criminales (CIC) headquarters in Hato Rey on April 30. The boxer remained an individual of interest until the case

was appropriated by the FBI, at which point they were ready to secure a witness with first-hand knowledge of the heinous acts. Verdejo was then advanced to suspect, eventually surrendering to authorities on Sunday after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

With the case being tried in court , the crimes carry a maximum punishment of death. Jose Rodriguez, Keishla’s father has informed media in Puerto Rico that the family isn’t in favor of the execution and rather prefer that Verdejo spends the remainder of his life in prison if found guilty of the aforementioned charges.

“I do not believe therein because if you provides a one that did what he did the execution , you’re helping him,” insisted Sr. Rodriguez in recent interviews. “It is best to offer him 100 years (in prison) and for it to weigh down his conscience a day for the remainder of his life.”

As for Top Rank, the plan is to permit the court case to play out and accept whatever fate is dealt.Verdejo has spent his entire eight-year pro career with Top Rank, signing with the Las Vegas-based company shortly after the 2012 London Olympics where he represented Puerto Rico.


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