Jean Mosley  ( Wife of Max Mosley ) : Family, Net Worth, Children and Career and More

Jean Mosley  ( Wife of Max Mosley ) know all about her in this article as like Family, Net Worth, Children and Career and More

Jean Mosley (nee Taylor) may be a cop’s daughter from Streatham.Her dad, James Taylor, was a City of London policeman .She and Max met at a London party two years before marrying. Max was reading physics at Christ Church, Oxford, at the time.Max, who was born in London on April 13, 1940, was the son of 1930s British fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley.

Career and Achivements

When Jean was aged 18, she was “serious and intelligent and captivated Sir Oswald’s young male followers”, writes the Evening Standard.The paper describes her as being “strikingly beautiful”.Interestingly, it had been Jean who introduced Max to motorsport.He had no idea what to try to to career-wise upon finishing university.One day, though, Jean got two tickets for a Silverstone motor racing event – and Max was hooked. He was involved in Formula 2 for Brabham and Lotus before retiring in 1969.

In 2008 he won a privacy case against the News of the planet newspaper after it printed photos and published video of his involvement during a sadomasochistic sex session.A Guardian article written about Max’s autobiography, Formula One and Beyond in 2015 said they were “still together” despite the case.

Max had told the supreme court that he had practised S&M for years, but that his wife knew nothing about it until she examine it within the News of the planet .In 2008, the Evening Standard described Jean as “the unseen presence at his supreme court victory”.The paper explained: “If she has uttered a word about her husband, no record survives.”Indeed, while Mr Mosley has one among the very best public profiles in sport, Jean Mosley remains silent and almost invisible.

“She is claimed to spend most of her time at their Monaco home, occasionally staying at their mews house in Chelsea.”A veteran F1 correspondent said at the time: “I haven’t seen her at a race.”Bernie Ecclestone’s wife is usually there and Ron Dennis’s wife puts in an appearance.”When Max attends social events on the F1 circuit he tends to travel alone.”

Max Mosley and Jean Mosley Relationship

Max Mosley married Jean Taylor when he was aged 20, at the Chelsea Registry Office in July 1960.Photos of the smiling young couple show them with Max’s parents, Oswald and Diana Mosley.The couple had two sons, Alexander and Patrick, who was born in 1972.In 2009, Alexander died aged 39. The coroner ruled that his death was thanks to non-dependent substance abuse .

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