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Name Mukhtar Ansari
Birth ( Age ) 30 June 1963
Birth Place Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh
Nationalty  Indian
Education Post Graduate Gazipur College Rambadh
Profession Politician
Political Party Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)
Marital Status Married
Wife / Girlfriend Afsa Ansari
Children Son- 2 [ Abbas Ansari and Umar Ansari ]
Father  Subhanullah Ansari
Mother  Subhanullah Ansari
Net Worth  22 Cr. ( estimated)

Mukhtar Ansari may be a politician from Uttar Pradesh . He has been elected as a Member of the legislature from the Mau constituency a record five times in bahujan samajwadi party ticket.Mukhtar Ansari is that the grandson of Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, an early president of the Indian National Congress.

Professional Career : By the first 1990s, Mukhtar Ansari was documented for his criminal activities, especially within the districts of Mau, Ghazipur, Varanasi and Jaunpur. He entered politics around 1995 through building in Banaras Hindu University, became an MLA in 1996, and began challenging Brijesh Singh’s dominance. the 2 became the most gang rivals within the Poorvanchal region. In 2002, Singh ambushed Ansari’s convoy. Three of Ansari’s men were killed within the resulting shootout. Brijesh Singh was critically injured and presumed dead.

Ansari became the undisputed gang leader in Poorvanchal. However, Brijesh Singh was later found to be alive, and therefore the feud resumed. To counter Ansari’s political influence, Singh supported the election campaign of the BJP leader Krishnanand Rai. Rai defeated Mukhtar Ansari’s brother and five-time MLA Afzal Ansari from the Mohammadabad within the 2002 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. Mukhtar Ansari later claimed that Rai used his political office to award all the contracts to Brijesh singh’s gang, and therefore the two planned to eliminate him.

Join with Bahujan Samaj Party : Mukhtar Ansari and his brother Afzal joined the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in 2007. The party allowed them in, after they claimed that that they had been falsely framed in criminal cases for fighting against the “feudal system”, and promised to refrain from participating in any crimes. The BSP chief Mayawati portrayed Mukhtar Ansari as Robin Hood and called him “a messiah of the poor”. Ansari fought the 2009 Lok Sabha elections from Varanasi on a BSP ticket, while still lodged within the jail. He lost to BJP’s Murli Manohar Joshi by a margin of 17,211 votes; he received 27.94% of the votes, compared to Joshi’s 30.52%.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Mukhtar Ansari : Mukhtar Ansari is an Indian politician who features a stronghold in Eastern Uttar Pradesh , a neighborhood popularly called “Purvanchal,” where Ansari is taken into account one among the foremost influential mafia dons.
He was born into an influential Sunnite family of Ghazipur.

He is the grandson of Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari (a former President of the Indian National Congress and Mulsim League). Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari was an Indian insurgent who later became one among the founders of the Jamia Millia Islamia University and served as its chancellor from 1928 to 1936.

Being an accomplished surgeon his grandfather, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, also led the Indian medical mission to treat Turkish soldiers injured during the Balkan war.There is a ward named after his grandfather at Charing Cross Hospital in London where his grandfather studied.Ansari’s elder brother, Sibakatullah Ansari was a Bahujan Samaj Party MLA from Mohammadabad constituency, and his other elder brother, Afzal Ansari may be a Lok Sabha member from Ghazipur.

Mukhtar Ansari started his political career by participating in student council elections at the Post Graduate Gazipur College Rambadh.
After earning a BA degree in 1984, he became a member of the Makhanu Singh gang. Later, this gang clashed several times with another gang led by Sahib Singh over a plot of land.

Mukhtar Ansari entered into active politics within the late 90s and began challenging Brijesh Singh’s dominance. Ansari started expanding his criminal activities in Mau, Ghazipur, Varanasi, and Jaunpur with an eye fixed to regulate Ghazipur’s lucrative Thekedari or contract work mafia, including railway construction, structure Department construction, coal mining, and therefore the liquor business, and he went on to regulate various government contracts worth many crores in Purvanchal.

In the 2002 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, BJP’s Krishnanand Rai defeated Ansari’s brother, Afzal, from the Mohammadabad constituency. Krishnanand Rai, being an in depth aide of Brijesh Singh, allotted to Brijesh most government contracts, which triggered Ansari, and on 29 November 2005, Krishnanand Rai was killed in mafia-style.

In the Krishnanand Rai murder case, Mukhtar Ansari was named in an F.I.R. filed at the Ghazipur police headquarters , and he was arrested and lodged in jail; however, on 3 July 2019, after witnesses against him turned hostile, he was released Krishnanand Rai Murder Case.

Since 1996, Ansari has been an MLA from Mau for a record five times.In 2007, he joined the Bahujan Samaj Party, and Mayawati called him a “messiah of the poor” and portrayed him as Robin Hood; however, she expelled him from the party in 2010 by calling him a criminal.

Ansari, after being expelled from the BSP, formed his own party , Quami Ekta Dal (QED) in 2012 along side his brothers Afzal and Sibkatillah.During the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he announced to contest against Narendra Modi from the Varanasi constituency. However, later he withdrew his candidature.

On 26 January 2017, he rejoined the BSP before the 2017 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.Mukhtar Ansari’s elder son, Abbas Ansari may be a management graduate and an ace shooter.

Political Career and Achivements : In 1996: Became an MLA from  BSP ticket
2002: Became an MLA from Mau as an independent
2007: Became an MLA from Mau as an independent
2009: Lost the Lok Sabha election from Varanasi on a BSP ticket
2012: Became an MLA from Mau on a Quami Ekta Dal ticket
2017: Became an MLA from Mau on a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) ticket

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