Sebastian Kurz Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Partner, Children

Sebastian Kurz is an Austrian politician currently serving as Chancellor of Austria since January 2020 know all about him here as like his Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Partner, Children, Education and Career

Name Sebastian Kurz
Birthdate ( Age)  27 August 1986
Place of Birth Vienna, Austria
Nationality  Austrian
Marital Status  In Relationship
Spouse/Partner Susanne Thier
Children Not Known
Parents Josef Kurz, Elisabeth Kurz
Education Grammar School XII Erlgasse (1996–2004), Universität Wien – Juridicum
Profession Former Chancellor of Austria
Net Worth $2 Million 
Last Update 2022

Sebastian Kurz is an Austrian politician currently serving as Chancellor of Austria since January 2020, a position he previously held from December 2017 to May 2019. Kurz has also been chairman of the Austrian People’s Party since May 2017. 

At the Aged 35, Kurz is the youngest head of government in the world, and being first elected to the position at the age of 31, the youngest chancellor in Austrian history.

Sebastian Kurz Family and Parents

Kurz was born in Vienna, the only child of Roman Catholic parents Elisabeth (née Döller) and Josef Kurz. His father is an engineer and his mother is a grammar school teacher. Kurz’s maternal grandmother Magdalena Müller, born 1928 in Temerin, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes , is a Danube Swabian who fled from the city and settled in Zogelsdorf during World War II, after the Yugoslav Partisans and the Red Army started to liberate the territory that was then occupied by the Kingdom of Hungary. Kurz was brought up in Meidling, the 12th district of Vienna, where he still lives.

He obtained his Matura certificate in 2004, completed compulsory military service in 2005, and began studying law at the University of Vienna the same year. Later, he dropped out of university and focused on his political career.Kurz has been in a relationship with economics teacher Susanne Thier since the time they spent in school together.

Sebastian Kurz wife and Children

Sebastian Kurz is in relationship with Susanne is 30 and works at Austria’s finance ministry.The pair met when Kurz was 18, and according to German news website Heute they have talked about eventually getting married and having children.In July 2021 Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said Saturday that he and his partner Susanne Thier are expecting their first child.

Sebastian Kurz Net Worth

Sebastian Kurz is an Austrian politician currently serving as Chancellor of Austria has an estimated Net Worth around $2 Million in 2022.

Professional Career

Kurz had been a member of the Young People’s Party (JVP) since 2003 and was sponsored by Markus Figl.From 2008 to 2012, he was chairman of the JVP for Vienna.During his chairmanship, he led the youth campaign of the People’s Party in the 2010 Viennese state election and coined the campaign’s controversial electoral slogan Schwarz macht geil (“Black Makes Cool”), a play on the official party colour as well as the colloquial term geil which literally means “horny”.

Following the 2013 legislative election, Kurz took over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Michael Spindelegger. In March 2014, his ministry’s jurisdiction was expanded and was additionally vested with matters of integration. Kurz denoted Western Balkans relations to be one of his top priorities, which is why his first foreign visit as minister was to Croatia.Good relations with Israel is very important to him “for historical reasons” and for a positive cooperation with the Jewish community in the field of integration.

during the chairmanship of Reinhold Mitterlehner, many rumours arose within the media and the party itself, speculating that it would be more and more likely for Kurz to takeover the party before the 2017 legislative election and to run as the top candidate of his party in that election.In 2014, the daily newspaper Kurier already speculated on a possible top candidacy of Kurz for the next election.

On 1 July 2017, Kurz was officially elected chairman of the ÖVP by the Bundesparteitag (federal party conference) with 98.7% of the delegates vote and thereby almost achieved as much as his predecessor Reinhold Mitterlehner, who received 99.1% of the vote.

On 15 October 2017, Kurz and his party emerged as victorious from the 2017 legislative election, receiving 1,595,526 votes (31.5%) in the popular vote and thus gaining 15 additional seats, and thereby a plurality, in the National Council. As the leader of the party with the most seats after the election, Kurz was charged with the formation of a new cabinet by President Alexander Van der Bellen.

Since he did not obtain an absolute majority in parliament, Kurz decided to look out for a coalition partner to ensure one. The search turned out rather quick and the People’s Party entered negotiations with the right-wing to far-right Freedom Party on 25 October. Negotiations concluded successfully on 15 December and the incoming coalition presented its ministers list to the President. Van der Bellen assented and the Kurz cabinet was sworn in on 18 December 2017.

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