Who is Sarah Moulds ? Family, Parents, Husband, Children, Career and Net Worth

Sarah Moulds is a primary school teacher went viral on social media last weekend, Sarah is said to have kicked and hit a horse know all about her Family, Parents, Husband, Children, Career and Net Worth

Sarah Moulds is a Leicestershire-based primary school teacher. She is in Director of Knossington and Somerby Pre-School and teaches at Somerby Primary School, where she also works. The mother of two is thought to have helped out at a local pony club and worked as a team leader. According to the Mail Online, Sarah has been put on leave after the video went viral. Members of staff at the Mowbray Education Trust have been suspended until the formal investigation into an incident that happened over the weekend is over. This is what they said in a statement. The trust says it won’t say anything more while the investigation is going on.

Let’s find out more about the primary school teacher and her way of life, too.Mail Online says that Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs say that elementary school teacher Sarah Molds kicked and hit a horse in a video that went viral.

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Sarah Mould Husband

Her husband is David. Sarah Moulds is a teacher. For the time being, no one knows where her husband is. In addition, recently, one of her family members said that she had gone into hiding because she had been getting death threats from strangers on the internet. Even the public isn’t happy with her on every social media site. Another thing to note is that Sarah and her husband, David, have two kids together.

Sarah Mould Career

As far as I can tell, her job is to be a teacher at Somerby Primary School. Following the incident, her school is forced to stop her from going to the school. As of now, no charges have been made public against her. However, an investigation is going on at the same time as this. Sarah Moulds’ Instagram account doesn’t seem to be working right now. Her family says that she is now hiding from the news. Here’s a possible reason why her Instagram account hasn’t been found on the web.

Sarah Mould Video Alleged To Have Kicked a Horse

In a viral video that went viral on social media last weekend, Sarah is said to have kicked and hit a horse.People who don’t want to hunt have made a video of a horse trotting away from a trailer before the teacher appears to hit and kick the animal.The event happened at the Cottesmore Hunt, which is near Rutley, in the East Midlands.The RSPCA, a group that protects animals, is now looking into the incident and has left a note at Sarah’s house asking her to call them as soon as possible. She should call them right away.

In response to naturalist and TV host Chris Packham, the organisation said on Twitter that it is very upsetting, that they are looking into this right now, and that people who have firsthand information are welcome to contact them as well. This is what the organisation said.

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